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What we do

Living room refurbishment

London Living Room Renovation

It frequently happens that only one room in your flat needs urgent touch of a renovator. In some cases at the moment you can afford to cover only refurbishment cost of the living room. Certainly, it is the central place of your apartment and you want it to look the best. You are right, and here we can help you effectively and very quickly.

How we work

The team of our company has the specialists that are handy and skillful and know various methods of how to transform your living room into an absolutely shining space. We not only restore walls, floors,windows and doors, - we help you to install the furniture and curtains if you wish.

We understand your inconveniences

We realize that living in the apartment under reconstruction is not convenient and you wish it to be over as fast as possible, so we put our efforts to complete it the best way. We have a great experience in fulfilling the kind of jobs in such conditions, including Highgate studios or small flats in different districts of London.

Your best choice

If you need a partial renovation of your living space and looking for a property renovators in London, FF Construction is the best company to fulfill your wishes. We perform various services for a house or an apartment renovation, including demolishing, dry lining, plumbing, carpentry, tiling, installing electricity, decorating and other kinds of flat refurbishment in London.