Kitchen Design 2017 Trends


Kitchen Design 2017 Trends

Do you want to turn your kitchen into something brand new without entire rebuilding? Our simple tips will help you to do it. You will know the most fabulous 2017 trends and will be able to use them all according to your tastes. As a result you will become an owner of fancy kitchen which will make you smile every time you enter it.

Grey color leads

Until recently the most popular color of kitchen furniture used to be white. But nowadays trends arrow leading manufacturers to fabricate their production in brand new colors. One of those colors is grey, with all of its shades. As a nice variant of modern kitchen with bar you can use the next color combination. Grey cabinets will reinforce the visual effect of yellow with a hint of neon walls. Using light grey color can bring necessary accent to the kitchen design and soften extremely bright colors.

Smart kitchen renovation ideas

The most easy way to refresh design of a kitchen and to make it more convenient is to use smart kitchen renovation ideas. Use the next 7 ideas to maximize both efficiency and style:

  • built-in paper towel dispenser;
  • pop-up shelf;
  • open cabinetry;
  • knife block in butcher block counter tops;
  • pans lids organizer;
  • sliding cutting board;
  • drawer pantry.

Kitchen refurbishment

The best idea of kitchen refurbishment is to give that job to experienced professionals. Refurbished kitchens in London look great because of all efforts of specialist teams: estimators, project managers, trade-certified tradesmen and other experts. Refurbishment service provides the customer the kitchen the way it was expected.

Certainly kitchen is the soul of every house. Good design of your kitchen brings positive emotions to all family members. And it’s not so hard to get the best kitchen design for your apartments. All you need is a good idea according to 2017 trends and a little help of experts.