How much small kitchen extension in 2017


Although you can find out a lot of ways in which you can improve your interior, you may choose to build a kitchen extension. Small kitchen extension brings extra space and convenience to your house. The main question, which bothers all owners, is how much would it cost for an extension? To find out the answer you should know all details about this work.

Before working out the house extension costs

You can start to calculate the kitchen extension cost after you consider several aspects. First of them is your house location. If you live in the most expensive area of the country - South East, you can expect to spend more than if you live anywhere else.

Before starting a calculation you may figure out the type of materials you would like to use to get a new cozy kitchen. Find out everything about new design of your kitchen. Make sure you know about all unforeseen costs, which may appear while counting. It can be cost of lights, plumbing, drains and gas connections. Does any connection need to be moved?

How much will a new kitchen cost?

On the average an extension of a small kitchen that has an internal size of 3x4 meters costs £14,500 - £15,600 in 2017. It means you may spend about £1,208/m2 - £1,300/m2. The price does not include VAT, cost of kitchen equipment, cost of materials delivery or any other external works.

Hiring a highly qualified experts team for London kitchen extension brings you a lot of advantages. It allows you to get more interesting options for cooking, it also can provide a new area for dining, working of relaxing. Cost of extensions depends first of all on your individual tastes and needs, so you can use plenty amount of opportunities. Using help of experienced professionals and paying attention to every single detail will let you to avoid mistakes, which can be costly a bit later.

As a conclusion

Extension depends on many factors: your lifestyle, personal tastes and maximum budget. A brand new look of your kitchen can bring you benefits of using it and, as a result, a lot of positive emotions.